About Us

What do we build? Anything from mild to wild!

We are about building amazing rides, especially when it comes to Jeeps and 4 wheel drives. We wanted a shop that would meet our needs for off-roading and racing. Since we weren't able to find one with the experience and skill we were accustomed to in our area we decided to open our own.

We have put together an amazing team of Engineers, Fabricators, Machinists, Mechanics, and all out off-road enthusiasts to build your dream ride. At our shop, the customer comes first. Just like we like it.

We've been wheeling and racing for a long time and we've broken several tons of parts along the way. We've also spent hard earned paychecks on parts that failed. However, what we gained in experience and memories along the way was priceless. Our mission is to use our expertise and skill set to recommend parts that we trust to work in the most extreme conditions. Parts that we would use on our own rigs.

We also want to promote the sport of off-roading. That means we will be busy just about every weekend at a show or a race. Our calendar is posted so come join us! If you're new to the sport or an old timer we don't care as long as you're there. Don't be worried if it's your first time, we will show you the ropes so you don't break your ride and have a great time! And yes, our families are there too!

Want to learn how to build your own Jeep? I know we did when we first started. We can help with that also. Let us know what questions you have and if needed we will put together a class for you and your friends.

You asked for it... A shop that puts you first. One that will do the job right and not over charge for inferior quality. One that's honest, reliable, and stands behind their work. Here we are. 

Our prices are too low to advertise, contact us for a quote. What can we build for you?