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Our expertise are in mission preparation of vehicle including saftey and armor, weapons mounting and quick deployment systems. Chaos Fab Shop specializes in fabrication and preparing on-road and off-road vehicles for the toughest conditions.


Chaos Fab Shop employs SME professionals, we are prepared to provide consultation services, assess project scope and optimize custom build plans to meet the current needs of your force while accounting for any future contingencies.


Chaos Fab Shop uses industry-leading shop management, project building, and billing systems, our goal is to make vehicle outfitting and customizing an easy, concise, and timely process. Our software will allow clients to remotely check in on build progress. We welcome you to visit our shop so that we can demonstrate our high level of service and performance.


We have experience with a wide range of vehicles, including, but not limited to pick-ups, sport utility vehicles, sedans, side by sides, all-terrain vehicles, police sedans, K9 units, first responder purpose-built, and military use vehicles. Chaos Fab Shop expertise includes work with diesel, gasoline, electric, and propane-powered engines.


We’ve developed projects and vehicles for various government agencies including, Army Research Laboratories, The State Department, US Customs, and local first responders.


We are a full-service shop that provides custom fabrication, electrical, drivetrain, suspension, engineering services. We have the ability to trailer and uplift multiple vehicles concurrently. We can provide custom fabrication as well as ongoing fleet management and maintenance. Chaos Fab Shop will provide a warranty on all work performed.

What is our area of expertise?

Automotive repair and fabrication - Engineering - Manufacturing - Prototyping and automation - Consulting - Tactical driving and recovery instruction - Chassis vehicle takedown reinforcement and design - Suspension geometry, design, and tuning - Armor and safety - Drivetrain durability upgrades - Electrical systems upgrades - Communications - Steering systems upgrades - Vehicle programming and tunning - Engine upgrades and replacement - Fleet management and maintenance - Vehicle exterior wrap, badging, paint, and powder coat - Occupant restraint systems - Mobil audio, video, antitheft. - Window film application - Custom QRF vehicle weapon storage and mounting - Roof rack/shooting platform reinforcement - Armored steps/running board


What kind of vehicles do we work on?

Gasoline, diesel, electric, and propane-powered on-road and off-road vehicles including pick-ups, sport utility vehicles, sedans, side by sides, all-terrain vehicles, police sedans, K9 units, first responder purpose-built, and military use vehicles.



NFPA 1002 Driver Operator certified

NFPA EVOC 2, 3, and 5 certified

Firefighter 1 and 2

EMT Enhanced Certified 

ARFF certified 

DPO certified


Current vehicles 

2021 Jeep Gladiator

Chaos  Elite Smasher Bumpers -

Built for maximum strength, durability and functionality. made of the toughest materials and designed to withstand impact while providing maximum protection for you and your vehicle. 

Wide cornering windshield pod lights

Decked rear bed storage

Rhino Rack Batwing Awning 

Modular, Fender-Mounted Work Surface

Light Diffuser Lenses on Rack Lighting

Power System DC/AC Inverter 2300 Watts- 

Install Inverter behind or under the back seat to isolate from the elements. Build out receptacles in the bed of the truck, and the storage boxes for the truck.

Install Water Proof Electrical Outlets in the bed of the truck. Install 270 amp extreme duty alternator.

Build and install battery rack for additional batteries in the bed of the truck. Battery Disconnect in the bed of the truck. Spod and controller for the bed of the truck. Isolate all batteries from the primary starting battery.

Battery Backup for essential systems to keep the system running if the vehicle needs to be started or there's an electronics failure. Solar Charging System. Relocate spare to under rear of truck.

Build a mount for the tripod in the current spare tire location. Waterproof usb and c ports with battery monitor panel. 

1 farad capacitor in front of the power inverter for clean equipment starts DC Chainsaw spare batteries, charger, mount.

Chaos Elite Recovery Kit

Artec Fluid Carrier Crate

Fire Extinguishers

Bed Rail Cap

Driver Side Cargo Box - 

Custom Mounting System on the back wall that can be used and reused to mount various devices for testing. Custom DC Power Supply 12v outlets in the box for powering devices.

Custom USB fast charging ports for charging devices Mount 2 display screens that swing out. Mounted Doodle Labs Antenna to back wall.

Custom Fabricated Sliding Rack

 Antenna Mounts that Lay Down Flat on the top of the roof-

Able to lay flat on the rack and gain as much elevation as possible when deployed.

Custom Built Battery Trays

Roof Top Tent